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Help with High Nitrites & Nitrates

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I have a 130 liter red sea max nano reef that i was given a few weeks back, it came fully stocked with corals live rock 5 fish 4 invertebrates. I've set it up aquascaped it and re positioned a few corals. my nirates and nitrites are high. I run and pressurized external filter through a uv steriliser salinity is at 1.025 and temp is a little high at 26. fish all seem happy torch coral seems ok and brain coral ok too. Should i worry about the nitrates/nitrites or just monitor them for a week or two with the shock of moving
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Thanks. I'm using a aqua pro external filter but upon opening up the canister there are only empty baskets with the top basket having a medium foam membrane. I've now ordered two kilos of Biohome media and some starter balls to go at the very base. what I'm worried about is eradicating my bacteria from the canister by discarding this membrane. Suggestions on this would be appropriate if you have any. I did change the carbon filter in the system and my protein skimmer seems to be working fine. I have also carried out a water change of about 10 percent baring in mind that's the third in a week do to the way the tank came.I tested the NO2 last night and it had dropped a little but i will keep monitoring.
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