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Help with Biorb Life 60L please!

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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie fishkeeper and went for the Biorb Life 60L because I understood that it was one of the easiest to maintain. I've done a lot of research and done everything right in terms of cycling, preparing the tank for fish etc, and we have a few neon tetras and guppies in there now, all of whom seem to be thriving, the nitrate etc levels are fine, HOWEVER, we are getting a continual build up of brown algae which we cannot seem to get on top of. It's requiring at least weekly cleaning (often more) to get rid of it and my understanding was that the Biorb Life was meant to require LESS cleaning that regular fishtanks, not more. Does anyone have any advice please? Thanks so much in advance.
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Anyone? Please? My husband has cancer and I have three kids under the age of 6, they desperately wanted the tank but I cannot keep it up if it requires this much maintenance, I just haven't got the time. ANY help gratefully received.
Do you know what your water parameters are?
The brown algae will go away in time. Those are diatoms, and part of just about every new tank set up.

No clue what a Biorb is; not sure why it would be easier to maintain than any other tank.

A water change once a week will go a long way towards keeping your tank in good shape. 50% or more, with dechlorinated water. You can dechlorinate in-tank.

I have a tank about 10x larger than yours and spend about an hour a week on it. Most of that time is draining it to 30% capacity and refilling it. I scrub any algae while draining so that gets sucked out with the old water.

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