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Even without a filter, I doubt 3 guppies could turn the water in a 20 gallon toxic in a month, much less overnight.

Aquariums are amazingly stable environments, temperature wise. Fish routinely experience swings of up to 10 degree F in the fish without ill effects simply because it started raining... much less other environmental factors.

A lot of current can be trouble with guppies, especially males, as they have so much extra fin baggage. However, they do not die from swimming overnight. Some air pumps and HOB filters have flow controls; some do not. An easy way to fix a current issue is to place something in the path of the return near the water line. For some, this is a large rock or decoration. For others, a quick trip to the petstore can acquire a "turtle leaf", a plastic decoration designed to stick to the wall of an aquarium (or have an adjustable boom" that allows semi aquatic animals a place to rest above the water line. You can use it to break up water flow. Finally, those with a little bit of arts and crafts can take a small piece of plastic divider and wrap it around the top of the filter and through the flow. The water then flows to either side at the waterline, breaking up the current.

Your most likely cause for trouble is that a contaminant was in the new tank, something you put in the new tank, your hands, the water, or the vessel used to transport the water to the tank. Continue with water changes. If the problem persists, the source of contamination is still inside the tank.
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