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I am looking at upgrading from my 60 gal tank to a bigger tank that I want to build it will be 48 by 30 by 24 it makes it about a 150 gal tank I know I need 1/2 thick glass or acrylic but don't know which is better to build it with and I can't find much information about how to brace the tank. I am going to build a custom stand for it. But any advice or help would be appreciated
acrylic is going to be alot more spendy but since its something like 98% clear compared to glasses 78% it will look alot nicer. glass would be easiest to make. ever seen the show tanked on animal planet? they build very large custom acrylic tanks. like 500 gallons and up. if you dont get a perfect seal ( no bubbles) where the acrylic meet your going to have a disaster. stick with glass. if its only 48 inches long. one brace in the middle at the top of the tank should be good. id look at some pictures of 150 gallon tanks and other sizes to get a good idea how they are braced and put together. good luck!
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