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on the larger tanks, acrylic its not cut as a straight opening at the top. you have like a lip that goes around the inside of the opening then usually a brace across the front to back. when you are cutting it your going to need a special blade, and im not talking a hand tool blade. a router does well with acrylic but without the special blade your going to melt instead of cut which wont make a good seal. there is a glue out there that is for acrylic only and it melts the pieces together and makes them one i reccomend using that. glass is harder to use as far as a diy goes imo. to cut large sections your going to have to take it somewhere and pay top have it cut. just make sure the edges are neat and clear before you apply the bonder and clamp them together after it is applied and the pieces joined, id say let stand for atleast 24hrs.

ive made several overflows with arcylic theres a learnbing curve to it but once you get it its easy as cake to work with,
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