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I am starting a 'project'..... so my idea is to use a 55 gallon tank as the 'base' or waterholding area to create a little red ear slider tank for the patio.
i really love these cool displays they have in my local pet store that has like a 'fake' rock back wall that has a 'waterfall' like fountain running water down it.... into the base of a bowfront glass tank... with stacked rocks and maybe plants... whoknows...
anyway... i dont want to do the bow front... just a 55 rectangle .
My question is.... what kind of pump do i use to be able to pull up about maybe a 1' - 2' feet about water line and flow down front... back into tank?
do i use a submersable or an external? or is a Eheim filter water return able to do this?
no clue.... a little help please. :)
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