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Hello everyone, I am very glad to be here!
I have kept Fantail Goldfish for years but now want to try something a bit diffrenl.

I have made a short list of fish I am highly interested in, and would very much like some stocking advice to do with compatibility and any possible problems with my choices. My goal is for a lively active tank with fish that have real personality.

My shortlist:
Spotted Hoplo Catfish (megalechis thoracata)
Peppered Cory
Bristlenose Pleco
White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Rainbow Shinners
Gaint Danio
Glow Light Danio
Zebra Danio

I'd very much like to know if the hoplo would be okay with the cory cat. I mean will the cory find it stressful to live with a bold hoplo. Also would the hoplo be safe with the smaller fish above.

Best wishes,
Rebecca :)
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