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Hi everyone,
My black moor goldfish has recently sustained an injury that has scraped a line of slime coating or possibly scales off. The wound is shallow gold in colour which stands out from her usual black shade with no sign of blood and no sign of discomfort ('wound' actually makes it sound worse than it is).
Anyway, I was worried so I instantly set up a quarantine tank with bubbler because I know slime coat damage can cause bacterial disease and did a 75% water change on his home tank.

1. Have I done the right thing quarantining her?

2. How long should she be quarantined before I can return her to the tank (i.e. how long will it take for her to be resistant to disease).

3. As there has been zero history of diseases within the tank and with a 75% water change, is she really at risk from infection?

Very thankful for replies!
I'd go get some melafix and your fish should be fine.
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