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Hi everyone,

Im setting up my first saltwater tank, and Im thinking of getting a RO/DI unit.
My tank is a 40g +20g sump, and Id like to find a RO/DI unit that I can attach to a hose (i have a hose faucet in my garage). Also, I dont mind if the unit takes long to make water.

Ive been doing a lot of reading but this RO/DI is so confusing, what exactly would I need if I purchased a unit?

The Unit itself, a TDS meter, a container to store water in (HOW BIG?), anything else? where does the waste go?

So I would really appreciate a unit that isnt super expensive (best-of-the-best), and find something that will do the job, and Id like to know what I need to go along with it.

Thanks guys!
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