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My flag cichlid is lying at the bottom of the tank- classic signs of swim bladder disease. A lot of things may have contributed to this: it was sort of a perfect storm. Cheap food caused rapidly spreading mold (and ammonia). Temp was lower than it should've been, due to a thermometer not working (it was stuck at 81) He was also fed crisps, which i've read is no good, as it expands when wet, causing obstructions that lead to SBD.

He's been struggling for a few days now, but today seems like his worst yet. His will is there- he tries to eat and pick himself up but he can't. I'm actually really surprised he's made it this long. I don't have a quarantine tank, and I can't put epson salt in the water because I have loaches in there. I've tried the peas for a few days now- not sure if he was able to eat any before, but he definitely can't now, as he can't really swim anymore. I've changed the water 50% yesterday and today.. I figure I'll just keep doing that every day until he dies. He flips around periodically (looks like an attempt to get up).

WHAT ELSE CAN I TRY? I have another tank with danios in it- should I put him in there, or will the stress of the move kill him for sure? Is it worth the risk?

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