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Uh, I don't really have much to say but the automatic message said I should introduce myself, so here I am I guess. I just recently got into the fish keeping hobby with a pretty basic little 10 gal, 1 betta (named Augi) and 4 sterbai cory cats. I kinda got into it when my mom got a betta-- he's the blue one in the attached pictures (his name is Fishy Boi).

I would love to get further into the hobby but I've got budget restraints, being a student and all, so if anyone has any miscellaneous money saving techniques when setting up or maintaining an aquarium, I'm all ears!

Looking forward to sharing information. :)

(attached are pictures of my only fish ATM, and don't worry! Fishy Boi has since been moved into a much better tank with heating, filtration and hides)


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