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My name is Vance, but you can all call me....wiehf weuthda.

I have always been a fan of fish keeping. All the different kinds of fish, plants, snails and everything. Last year my Pops told me he was going to revamp his tank set up, its a 39 gallon tank. Put in a new tank filtration set up and change a few other things around, well a year and a half latter he still hasn't done it.

I managed to get my hands on a 20 gallon tank, got it set up and let him move his fish over.
2 - Black Angel Fish(one got sick and passed on last winter, didn't notice that my heater crashed on me for a couple weeks),
2 - Common Plecos(4.5 inches and 6 inches),
3 - Corydoras Catfish(a bronze female, a albino female? im guessing, not sure if it is a three stripe or stebra)
3 - Neon Tetra(2 have passed)
3 - Zebra Tetra(1 has passed)
2 - White Skirt Tetra(1 has passed)

Again it was only to be temporary but it turned into a permanent situation. I am soon, within the next month, taking my pops old 39 gallon tank he did noting with and adding it to my collection. So I will have a better living situation for all these fish.

So, till my next post on the forums thank you for reading, and please don't harp too hard on having an "Over Stocked Tank".


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