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Hello from Socal

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Hi, my name is Bev and I'm happy to be here. One question on my mind is talking about Giant or King Betta's allowed? I didn't see any threads on those fish.
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Thank you for the welcome. :)
Thanks so much for the welcome! I plan on getting a 10 gallon too, just for one large male. And I got my first Betta today. He's in a 3 gallon cylinder. I'm so excited. I only have a blurry pic, sorry.
HI Dovi! That's quite a fish on your profile.
Bbonta, he's a cutie! Does he have a filter and heater?
Hi there, Rackin Rocky. :-D

He has a heater, but I don't have a filter yet. He's in a 3 gallon tank and I'm going to do water changes (100%) every other day till I get a bigger tank and put a filter on it. In the 3 gallon, the in-tank filters would blow him around too much.
Bettas like it warm--try it keep it around 80F. It's good that you change the water every other day, not having a filter can allow ammonia to build up.Use a water conditioner, like Prime too. (I'm sure you already know this) If you're getting the 10 gallon soon, he'll be fine. Otherwise I'd be more comfortable getting him a small filter. Although bettas can do without them, I prefer to use them. The smallest Whisper filter works great in my fiddler crab 10 gallon tank that I have 3 gallons of water in (rest of it is land).
Thank you for the advice. I do use a water conditioner, NovAqua Plus. The heater works really well. He's at 82 F. He seems pretty comfortable. He's also getting a Moss ball (massimo?) Thursday via UPS.

Do you know of a filter that would work with 3 gallons and not blow him around? I was thinking a sponge filter would help.

Oh, you mean a Whisper filter... is that the kind that hangs on the back/edge? There's a lip on his container, and it's round unfortunately.
Sounds like he's got a great home with you. Marimo moss ball is what you are referring to. I've had a few over the years. After a while they fall apart, but they seem to last at least a year. The Whisper filter has suction cups, and that's how it hangs. I don't know if it would "stick" though on a rounded tank. That's the only small filter I've used. Most would be too big for three gallons. I've researched it online, and that's how I ended up with the Whisper. They are only about 6" high, including the intake, so pretty small.
This is the one I picked out last night. It has good reviews.

Darn, can't get the link to work. But you get the idea. :)
Now that I think of it, I HAVE heard of that one. It seems that I read a LOT of reviews, and that the Whisper, in the end, won me over. I hope this one works for you--good job! When you get better pics of your new guy, post them!
I sure will, rackin rocky. :) Thanks for the chat. You made me feel very welcome.-):yourock:
Hi Bev :),

I don't know what a giant or king betta is but I'm new too and was scared to post anything in the wrong place. Lol

Anyway, hi.
Well, hello there, Calle! It's a pleasure to meet you. What kind of Betta do you have? :-D

Giant and King Bettas are larger Bettas. They've been bred to be 4-5 inches or so, but there have been reports of even larger ones (I read this on the net somewhere.) You can breed two Giants and get a regular, btw. So, if you want to buy a giant (I plan to) then you might want to get an adult.
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