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Hi everyone!

My name is Megan, I had been a member of the betta forums for a while, but hadn't posted in ages. My collection has definitely grown since then, so I thought I'd head over here.

I'm a NYS Licensed Veterinary Technician who works in the Pet Care Department at PetSmart. Before everyone pulls a muscle from all that eye-rolling, my personal goal is to send every customer home with the APPROPRIATE fish for their tank. I want to change corporate pet stores from the inside.

Anyways, on to my zoo.

I started with a betta. Now i have 12 bettas (6 males, 6 females. Males a 5.5g, a 2-way 10g, and a 3-way 10g; and females in a sorority 20g.)
My females also have, for company, a BN pleco, a Julii cory, a panda cory, and 4 gold panda mollies.

Then there's the guppies. Females currently in a 20g, males in a 10g, but I'm debating putting a divider in the 20g for everyone, and using the 10g as a second fry tank. I seem to have run out of room for breeder nets in the first 10g! 140 fry!

I have a 56g that I still need to get set up, it's going to be a semi-aggressive. Planning a kissing gourami, an angelfish, maybe a bichir, and a feather-fin catfish. Maybe others, too.

After that's set-up, my next project will be African cichlids...

Then there's the reptiles... A corn snake, a crested gecko, a bearded dragon, and a gargoyle gecko.

Oh, and the cats. 6 of the beasties.

Yup. So, that's my life. Looking forward to continuing to learn tons!

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Welcome! I'd say skip the kissing gourami in the 56 (they get massive) and instead do a group of 5-6 angels in there!

Sounds like fun- I started with betta too, which turned into a community, which I just upgraded to 55 last night! Start a journal, love following those, and again welcome!

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Hi Megan :wave:

Welcome to the forum. We're glad you decided to join our community and kudos to you for wanting to do right by customers and the fish they purchase.
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