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I have experience with mikrogeophagus ramirezi. They can be extremely sensitive to water parameters. It is 100% vital to do regular water changes. They should thrive in your planted tank. The lighting is wonderful. They are actually relatively peaceful. Mine almost never pursue other fish and if they do they give up easily. As long as they can get their own space you shouldn't have problems. Their full coloration can take up to a year to come in, so be ready to see them bloom.

I feed mine a wide array of food. Peas are a favorite. I also feed pelleted diets, hikari is a brand I trust. Mine also have an affinity for algae wafers. I also feed frozen blend diets. I don't offer everything everyday, but these are things I use.

When welcomed to a new tank they can have problems adjusting. They have a reputation for being sensitive. If they make it the first 3 months they are probably with you until they are old grandpa fish. Assuming you maintain great conditions.

I am excited to see how yours color up and enjoy their lives.

I hope this information helps!

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