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When I began adding more rainbows to my bigger 56 Gallon tank about 4 months ago, I read a lot of conflicting information of what the female to male ratio of the fish should be. My goal was really to diversify the types of rainbows I had the most I could with the space I had. I read in some threads, that sometimes you could get away with an all male tank with no problems. So essentially that's what I tried. I had 3 boesmani, 2 Turquoise, 2 Eastern (Australian), and 2 Goyder River (Australian). For about 3 months I had no problems with fighting or aggression and the absence of females did not seem to have any negative effect on the colorful displays I have seen. But within the last month or so, (nothing has changed in the aquarium) they had been at each other. I began to see ripped fins and constant fighting. The "alpha Males" which appeared to be the 2 turquoise and 1 Boesmani would radiate with color while the other fish would often be very drab and appear very stressed.

So I made some changes. I donated both turquoise rainbows, 1 boesmani, 1 Goyder river and 1 Eastern Rainbow. This left me with 4 male Rainbows.

This is what my Rainbow Stocking list looks like now:

3 Eastern (Australian) Rainbows (1 Male-2 Female)
3 Boesmani Rainbows (2 Male-1 Female) --I Know not Ideal, but so far its working.
2 Goyder River Rainbows (1 Male- 1 Female????)

3 days ago, I picked up a female partner for my Goyder River Male. I Know the ratio should ideally be 2:1 but I figure I can always get another female if I see problems. The issue is its about a 2 inch juvenile and its extremely hard to sex. The guy at the LFS had a difficult time telling too. I have read that with the Goyder River Rainbows, the main thing you want to look for is the clear separation in the dorsal fin, which is SOOO hard to see, more orange colored fins, rather than red/orange, and a more slender body. All of these were a problem since its still young. Since it has been it the tank, the single Goyder River Male which lost a lot of color when by itself, has become radiant again. The new fish has also colored up but not as vivid as the mature one. Interestingly, they don't seem to care about one another at all and I find that the new fish likes to hang out with the 2 Australian females. By the way, the fish are really peaceful now as opposed to before. I have seen even better color displays but there has been no fighting. My question is, based on the behavior I have seen between the Goyder river rainbows since I added the juvenile "Female?" what is the chance it is actually a female? or could it be a male that just has not reached the maturity yet to care about the other male?

Any help would be appreciated....:) Would it help if I uploaded pictures?

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Yes I think you have a much better mix and I would guess that you do have a female. The boys, when the girls are present will be boisterous together... and flash but usually they are not too destructive. Another thing that was possibly happening, not sure, is territory/space and fish reaching adult size. What is the foot print of a 55? Is it 48" long? (jic...They need that minimum.)

I have 2 large male Boes (4 years old now) and 4 Females who actively flash, race and spawn. (no fry, just eggs so far that get eaten) in a 75 gallon. I have from time to time also had Turq as well but they never seem to last and I've had to stop keeping them. I love them but it's heart breaking to loose them. I haven't figured out why.
Possibly lonely as I can't afford to get a big batch of them.

Just keep an eye on the newbie and you might have to start over again if it turns out to be a male after all. The girls do tend to hang out together.
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