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hatchetfish compatibility... or silver dollars

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I was in an lfs purchasing an angelfish and the silver hatchetfish caught my eye.
I'd like to get some if they are compatible with my other fish.

But I'm also wondering about silver dollars... they're supposed to be in groups of at least 3, right? Will they be ok in a 55 gallon tank?

Here is my current stock in my 55 gallon tank:
angelfish (1)
dwarf gourami (1)
serpae tetra (15)
pearl danio (15)
platy (6)
amano shrimp (3)

I would get one or the other- silver dollars or hatchetfish but not both.
Are they compatible?
Will I be over stocked?

Also wondering about the hatchetfish being able to fly... do they do that often and is it easy for them to fly out of an open-top aquarium with water about an inch below the top?

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Serpae tetras may be fin nippers to your angel. Amano shrimp may become food for your angel. However, where you are is just over the limit. You'd be good if you had extra filtration. What kind of filter are you running?

Silver dollars may be fin nippers to your angel and hatchets can be jumpers. Both species are recommended 5 minimum for them to be less stressed.
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