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Guppy dorsal fin missing

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I'm assuming its bullying but wanted to make sure I don't have to worry about any diseases in my tank. Anybody have any opinions... its not as clear in the pictures as I'd like it to be but I noticed her swimming around today (surprisingly not too many signs of distress in how she swims at least) with all but a couple pieces of her dorsal fin missing. There is a large white circle around the site with no scales but looks like the skin was pulled off in whatever happened. I haven't seen anyone picking on her, or any bullying of anyone for that matter. I don't see any other markings, spots or anything strange anywhere else on her. I am positive it has happened since yesterday as I keep a fairly regular head count on the tank.

Right now she is in a breeder box hanging on the outside of the tank. Shares water with the tank. I added a little extra aquarium salt and some stress coat; however, that will dilute soon enough as its getting its filtered new water from the main tank. Any recommendations of how to help her? She still seems OK just minus a fin and skin; I'd like to do what I can for her to try and heal.

Am -0 Nit- 0 Nitrate - 15 ppm

Stock: 36g - 2 dwarf Gouramis, 2 Platy (fem), 5 harlequin rasboras, 5 scissortail rasboras, 4 oto cats, 1 young adult molly (m) , 1 adult molly (fem-preg), 1 guppy (fem-preg). Mostly live plants, a couple of plastic.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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I had one guppy have a similar thing happen where his dorsal (and a pectoral fin and a bit of tail) seemed to 'melt away'. It sounds similar to your case, but he had a white patch that looked fungus like around the missing fin and swam like he wasn't feeling entirely well. Unfortunately, he died a day or two after he lost is fins.

I would say, unless she seems like she is in distress, or has other symptoms of a disease. Continue treating with stress coat and aquarium salt, and most importantly make sure to keep the water clean. Keep us updated on her condition.
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