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Hi, I recently got a tank of 3 guppies and one aquatic mystery snail. It’s a 3.5 gallon tank with a filter, heater, decoration and fake plant. One of the guppies was much smaller than the others when we bought it and recently he had been disappearing. I don’t know where he went in the tank and I couldn’t see him anywhere! When he was around he stayed up in the top corner by the filter or down at the bottom. He never swam with the other guppies. This morning he was dead and I’m trying to figure out why. It may have had to do with his age because he was significantly smaller than the other guppies but I’m not sure. I’m wondering if maybe the water quality had something to do with it?? The test results were as follows:
Ph- 7.6+ (it doesn’t go higher)
Ammonia- 3.5
Temperature- 82 degrees
The ammonia level sounds SUPER high, I don’t know how it got like that. I’m ordering an ammonia neutralizer right now and it will come in a few days. I’m very concerned for the other guppies and snail (I still have three guppies because I went to the store to get another so they can school). Does anyone have any idea about how the fish died? It’s most likely the ammonia level but I have no idea how it even got like that! How can I get rid of it fast, possibly even before the neutralizer comes? I’m really worried that my other fish will die. ☹
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