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So yesterday I had one of my pregnant females have a batch of 13 fry. They are all in a small breeding box held in safety away from my female betta who also presides in my tank. In a few days another female will have another batch. Now this sounds all fine and dandy but i've got some concerns.
First off:
I have a possibly virgin guppy in here whose been in another tank for months WITH males, she never had ANY fry! I moved her here because I thought just maybe the problem was that the other 50 gallon she had been in was just to big for her liking. Today she stopped eating, and is very slow. Now I know some guppies have red spots instead of black, but there isn't even a red spot there! Could she just not be breeding? Could she just not be able to have babies? Shes got a thick belly so she might be pregnant but i'd like to at least know she isnt going to be diseased and kill the rest of my fish. - The problem might lay in the fact that she ate an ENTIRE bloodworm, but she acted the same even before eating that... (she also already emptied that out of her stomach)

My males can't seem to breed! The lot of them are from petstores, I only got them because of the amazing quality and I knew they wouldn't last long. I have had even female guppies from good aquarium stores that already had breeding stock and even then they just can't get anything pregnant! Is it possible to get guppies who are sterile? It just seems absurd to me...
My last question:
Should I get/build a new breeding box? Its kind of small with yesterdays 13 fry and another should be having fry in a few days! I have a betta in the tank so I just don't trust her to not eat them. I'm afraid the box isnt big enough though... her black spot is HUGE and I know she is going to have a ton of fry! The box is simple and just from a regular chain petstore. It has a divider for the fry to get away from the mother, but that gives her hardly any room at all. Its been a few years since I bred guppies so this is like that new-to-fish kind of feeling for me hahaha
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