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So, it's a bit late to save most of my guppies, but I do have one guppy showing symptoms of an illness (all others appear healthy) over the past two weeks, I found one of my females had died, and later noticed one of my males was gone. Shortly after, my other male got a spot of what looked like columnaris, became bloated, and his dorsal fin began to be eaten away. He died two days after displaying symptoms. Upon seeing this columnaris like symptoms, I started treating the tank with pimafix and some AQ salt. Anyway, the female who is sick had a fungus around one eye, it's almost gone now, but her on eye seems a bit puffy still. Could possibly be popeye. However, the most worrying thing is that she sits with her mouth open and he has a hole under her mouth. At first it looked like she had two mouths but then I realized it was a hole that seems to go all the way in until it opens up into the mouth. Unfortunately, the injury (or whatever it is) looks bad enough that I suspect she won't live much longer.
My question is, does anyone know what this might be? Is it just an injury she somehow got? Or is there a bacteria or something in the tank that will be attacking my other fish soon? If there is anyway to save her or the others I would like to try
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