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Family: Auchenipteridae

Common Name: Gulper Catfish

Origin and Habitat: Marabitanos, Brazil


Gulper Catfish Diet

These fish prefer meaty food like fish and prawns. They take all forms of feeders though they will eat store bought prawns and fish.

If the Gulper has been trained to be handfed, it's favorites seem to be live feeder goldfish and store bought prawns


Water parameters for Gulper Catfish

The Gulper Catfish should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 75 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 6.3.


A fish that can eat another twice it's size!
It grows to a length of about 25cm (9.84in)

The skin is very thin and flexible, allowing it to expand accordingly when it swallows a prey twice it's size.

Gulpers are hardy and easy to keep and can be trained to be hand-fed (Be warned that they may lose their hunting instinct)

As it is a type of Wood cat, they live to hide among driftwood

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