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The media I prefer to use is Coconut Fiber. There are many other possible media out there but this is what I have used. It is easy to use, mostly sterile and doesn’t compact like soil does. Simple wet the coconut fiber as instructed and squeeze it as hard as possible in order to remove all excess moisture. Fill your container, either a small sandwich tub or a larger plastic shoebox to about 2 inches of fiber. Add your culture and feed them on Gerber Baby Cereal, mixed or Oatmeal. The cereal should be mixed to a thick paste and spread out as thin as possible. I use a turkey baster syringe filled with the baby cereal in order to spread it out in thin lines so the worms have more surface area to feed. The best way to harvest them, that I have found, is to place a piece of plastic canvas on the culture and feed the worms on top of it. When the food is gone, the worms will stay on the canvas for a short time and you can rinse them off into a glass to feed to your fish at your leisure as they live up to 2 hours in the water. I use Glad Ware Sandwich containers for my cultures although you could use much larger ones if you wanted. If a large container is used, make sure to spread the feedings out so the worms use the entire culture instead of collecting in one area. If the food is eaten in less than 6 hours, feed more, if it is there after 24 hours, remove uneaten food and feed less. These cultures are prone to infestations from springtails and mites and although they are a nuisance, I have found they make good food for the fish and don’t usually hinder a cultures production. I have had a culture crash from springtail but was most likely from overfeeding. 3-5 cultures will provide enough cultures to harvest every day if desired without hindering production. They do like to be harvested and it seems to help in production and the limiting of mites and springtails.
(I have recently started using cat food soaked in water for about 10 minutes or until it starts to get soft enough to almost feel slimy but not mushy. I place this on top of the plastic canvas and the grindal worms migrate to it much better and stay longer. The cat food also tends not to mold as easily as baby cereal which can be annoying and slow reproduction. The cat food only needs to be removed if it starts to mold.)

If you have experience with them please post it. The more methods we have that members can try the better chance they will find one that works for them.
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