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Grimm's 30G Community

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Haven't been on in a while to update on any of my tanks. Figured I would toss up a video of Grimm's tank and his new tank mates.

Grimm is a very peaceful male blue and black dragonscale HMPK betta from Aquabid living in a 30 gallon (long, not a 29g) well established planted tank. (Previously introduced in my 46 gallon bowfront thread)

Introduced 11 cardinal tetras and 1 'super red' bristlenose pleco (Named Scooby) to his tank a week or so ago with complete success. Kept in him a breeder box in the tank the first few days of the introduction to get him accustomed to his new tank mates to avoid any incidents. Released him back into his tank and he has had 0 interest to his new residents. If anything his presence has made the cardinals less shy. They occasionally swim along side him as if Grimm is one of the pack.


Video of the tank the day after introduction.
Officially a community tank - YouTube

Cardinals hiding from my camera..

Scooby in her favorite spot


Grimm in his old tank
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