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Hello, we are a fish farm out of Lake Charles Louisiana, called Angold Fisheries. Dedicated into raising Plecostomus Breed catfish. All of our fish are tank raised and raised with the immunity to light, as these are nocturnal feeders. The perfect starter fish to anyone's beginning fish tank or home aquarium.
Pro's to having these fish are:
Excellent tank cleaners,
Great community fish (non Aggressive)
Stays below 8" will not out grow your tank.
Also great for any tank starting at 5 gallons or more
These Fish eat either, Spirulina or algae wafers.

1. Albino, Large and Dwarf
2. Brown, Large and Dwarf
3.Leopard, Large and Dwarf
4.Chocolate. Large and Dwarf
5.Calico, Large and Dwarf
All of these are available in either short or long fin. Upon availability of stock.

We can also be reached at our web store., our ebay Angold1_1 or can be reached at any time at (337) 292-8003 or
Get your Cajun Janitor Fish today!
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