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Well I know this is a fish site and Greek Tortoise isn't a water reptile but thought I would ask.

My son got Greek tortoise and I think he failed to do enough research on how much room this little guy needs. The Greek and Russian are almost the same from what I can find, so guessing what works for one will work for the other.

Has anyone keep one of these guys before?

From what I'm seeing the care sheets are kind of vague some say tanks sizes 24"x36" and others say 48"x96" so that's a large swing. I'm going to build him a turtle table but I don't know what size to go with. It will have to be small enough we can move in thru the house but big enough to give him the room he needs.

I'm thinking an L shape table and take two 18"x36" sections and but them in the corner so he has about 9 square feet of total floor space.

Also does anyone know any good links to get some quality info on these guys?
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