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Hello everybody, another newbie to the aquatic world. I'm in Ohio and since I live in an apartment that don't allow pets :-( I bought my first fish tank (46 gal. H) with my income tax. I was an advid gardener in the past and after scoping pics of amazing aquariums on the net, got excited about aquascaping. After months of research, started cycling my tank this month (week three). Nervous about results and posted my first question. The reference team jumped right in and I received feedback within the first 24 hours (shout out to Romad and Shellieca). You guys were great and I felt welcomed. Second week I started planting some low tech plants I purchased at the LFS and waiting on an order coming soon. My stats are starting to progress (I know patience is key with this hobby) and look forward to adding livestock when the tank finish cycling. Got lots of pics but want to post when I have all the plants in. Look forward to exchanging info and encouragement to all as we enjoy our journey into the aquatic world.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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