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If I did goldfish, I'd set up the tank specifically for them. Rock work and possibly some anubias but mostly open. If I remember right they cant chew on anubias because the leaves are too tough?
But yes, I was slightly worried about space but theres one fantail at my local petsmart of all places thats pure white with one orange pectoral and I fell in love. Made me remember why I like goldfish so much!

I dont mind water changes, I actually enjoy them! ;)

Ill see what I can do about narrowing the perimeters.
A biotope may be fun though Im kind of tired of floating plants at the moment. My water lettuce is growing like crazy and Im not going through duckweed ever again. Also Im moderately afraid of pygmy hatchets flying up at my face when I do tank maintenance. :lol: I tend to have my hands in my tanks all the time.

Thanks for the suggestions!
I know what ya mean it is irreasistable to sick yours hands in the water but at least with my fish they always interact with me possitivly
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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