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So i set up a tank and it wasn't long until it was thickly overrun with hair algae and diatoms. So I got a feisty Amano to take care of the issue (when I saw him, he was taking apart driftwood to find algae) I put him in the tank, and he hated it. Freaked out, then hid by the intake for three days.
I put him in my other tank, a well established 6 gal and he did ok. But with a nerite and ghostie, there's not much for him in there.
I tested the water between the two tanks. They're the same, except the new tank got a rise in Ammonia (makes sense, still cycling).
I put him in the big tank again, no go.
Got mollies. They're doing great. no more diatoms.
Got a nerite. He is having a feast, took right off.
I have limpets and little pest snails. (and all sorts of other interesting inverts in the substrate)
But the shrimp just hangs out under a rock, twitching his little legs.

Could there be something in the tank that no one else minds but the shrimp?

30g long
walstead method substrate w play sand and black sand on top
(oh, and some organic potting mix)
Red lava rock hot glued into the rocckscape
two filters running with activated carbon

As far as parameters, the two tanks are the same
ph is 7.2-5
nitrites, nitrates, ammonia are low (I tested the ammonia again)

Any one have any ideas?

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When it comes to shrimp, especially Amano shrimp they are very versatile but also have weird personalities. They tend to do things we don't understand. If he seems happy and is foraging even if in one spot for quite a while then he's ok.
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