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Hi fellow hobbyists,

Happy New Year 2014!!!

My first post here...

Bagged this interesting fellow from Y618 (LFS in Singapore)...

Was listed as golden mahseer/kelah but this particular specimen caught my eye as it has shiny specks on most of its fins (save the dorsal)...
(observed the fish for a good amount of time to ensure it's not spot disease etc)

Please view at the below timings for the relatively-clearer frames:


(in case above hyperlink does not work: 2ft kelah/mahseer grow-out tank DEC 2013 - YouTube )

Just wanted to share and hopefully gain more insight from more experienced keepers on its ID and as to whether such shiny specks will last till adulthood...
(To concerned viewers: greedy fellow had a heavy meal and thus mouth is gulping lots temporarily)

Also, would appreciate any ID on the slimmer of the medium-sized ones as it was simply listed as "wang bu liao / wu wang wo" from C328 (LFS in Singapore)... (it's the one that is most colorless/slivery)

The biggest and the next-biggest were listed as common/mixed kelah from Y618 (LFS in Singapore)... (most likely green or humpback)

Thanks for watching!

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Jeez, I hope u have a really really really big pond, those golden m's get ABSOLUTELY HUGE, and need tons of swimming space. As for the spots, I really couldnt say, im no expert on indian fish, but I know the mahseer like fast flowing water with high oxygen content. good luck, and If the mahseer gets to big, I hear they are pretty tasty.
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