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Gill Flukes - Help!!!

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I'm sorry to post another thread (the original here about my fish dying: ) but it seems with some help I've narrowed down what happened to my fish... Gill Flukes. My last thread has pretty much died and I really, really need the help! Now about parasite advice.

To sum up, this past weekend/early week I had almost 30 fish die. I'm now left with 7. :cry: It happened after I introduced 2 new guppies. All the fish had the same symptoms and died off quickly after the symptoms occurred.

After narrowing it down, it seems like the 2 new guppies introduced gill flukes into my tank. The symptoms are as follows...
- Red gill area
- Flashing and sometimes rubbing against the glass of the tank
- Difficulty swimming
- Floating at water's surface, gasping for air
- Rapid breathing

I basically really need help on how to get rid of these flukes! I've read so much conflicting information. :-( Some people say aquarium salt, some say that won't work. Some say meds, but then people fight what meds to use. If I take the remaining fish out and into a quarantine tank, what can I do to help them and then what can I do to get rid of the parasite in the tank itself? Do I have to get rid of everything (driftwood, gravel, plants)!? Or will the flukes die off without fish to live off of? Also, do shrimp and snails carry the parasite like the fish do?

Ugh, I feel so a failure. I feel awful that my fish have suffered and died. Please...if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.
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So I guess my last threat wasn't as dead as I thought it was and I received help over on that post. I'm sorry. I'm just so anxious about helping my fish. :oops:

Thanks again to everyone for reading and if the mods out there want to delete this threat, that's fine.
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