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Getting a 36 gallon - How many Angelfish?

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I will soon be purchasing a 36 gallon bow front and would like to have Angelfish after I seed the new tank and everything stabilizes. From what I've already read it sounds like having two and getting them fairly young is the best route to go. I would like to have some other fish with them as well. Any stocking suggestions? I really like the Congo Tetra's. Would a 36 gallon be a big enough size to comfortably house two Angels and 6 Congo Tetras?

We have soft water with poor buffering. It comes out of the tap at around 7.6 - 8.0 then drops to below 7.0 after a few hours. Would the product Neutral Regulator by Seachem be good to use? It adjusts the pH to a neutral 7.0

Live plants intimidate me, is it a must with Angelfish or is it enough to provide a natural looking aquarium with lots of various sized silk plants?

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You could easily keep 3 angelfish, right through adulthood in a 36 gal tank. In fact I have done this many times, in many tanks, with no problem. At any given time, I have more than 2000 angelfish in my fishroom.

Only general rule I follow for angels is 10 gallons per adult fish.
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