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Getting a 36 gallon - How many Angelfish?

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I will soon be purchasing a 36 gallon bow front and would like to have Angelfish after I seed the new tank and everything stabilizes. From what I've already read it sounds like having two and getting them fairly young is the best route to go. I would like to have some other fish with them as well. Any stocking suggestions? I really like the Congo Tetra's. Would a 36 gallon be a big enough size to comfortably house two Angels and 6 Congo Tetras?

We have soft water with poor buffering. It comes out of the tap at around 7.6 - 8.0 then drops to below 7.0 after a few hours. Would the product Neutral Regulator by Seachem be good to use? It adjusts the pH to a neutral 7.0

Live plants intimidate me, is it a must with Angelfish or is it enough to provide a natural looking aquarium with lots of various sized silk plants?

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Hi! Congrats on your new tank, that's exciting!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...
The only way a 36g could house Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) would be if they were a breeding pair. And if this were the case, you couldn't keep anything else with them. You can click on the shaded name to read more. I'm sorry!
I'm just going on what's best for the fish. Angels live in large groups in the wild, so that's what they're hardwired for. Straying from that can lead to issues like behavioural problems, stress, illness, or shortened lifespan.
I wish it were different, I'd LOVE to have one Angel in my 25g. But, alas, it wouldn't be fair to the fish. :-(
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