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German Blue Ram hardiness vs Apisto vs Kribs

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For the 2nd time this month I have lost a German Blue Ram. I don't think I will be getting another Ram from the German Blue morph (Golds, electrics, Balloons) family, again. I do want to keep enjoying the beautiful family of cichlidae, so how do other dwarfs such as, Apistos, Kribs and Bolivians stand in hardiness? Thanks!

P.s. First time on this site! Originally from!
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Firemouths will get big enough to eat guppys and possibly the herliquins. Also it may not get along with the Dwarf Gourami and will likely dig up any plants as they are an earth mover. Convicts are notoriously aggressive, not only when they are breeding but just in general so i would steer away from them especially with your stock list.
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