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hello everybody,

i'm sorry mods if i posted this in the wrong spot, please feel free to move it wherever you see fit.

i was just thinking that it would be nice to know of people favorite fish.
you just post down your favorite fish ( please be specific ) and it doesn't matter if someone has already posted your favorite fish.

Oh, and also, you can post again another of your favourite fish if you want.

i dunno about this, but 'Maybe' we could post a pic of the fish aswell so this thread will help other people identify there fish? :D

i'll get the ball rolling....

My favorite fish would have to be.........Blue eye panaque ( gotta go with the classic :lol: :D )

heres a pic...

best regards, flatcam1

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I don't play single favorites.:wink2: Hence I chose to pick many pics of a lot of my favorite fish.:brow:

Cardinal Tetra
~I love these babies.:love: Anyone who disagrees get a splat on the face with a custard pie.

False-Rummy Nose Tetra

Flame Tetra
~My sweetie pie has now grown.:sob: :checkedout:
The pic shows a 2 cm flame.:sarcastic: Right, now he's 4 cm.:love:

Red-Phantom Tetra
~Right now, this fish is ripe with eggs.:love: This is not a new pic of course.:wink2:

Black Neon Tetra
~Not a baby anymore.:lol: She's about 5 cm.:love:

Penguin Tetra

Blue Ram
~I missed the dear boy.:sob:

Praecox Rainbowfish
~Another baby I miss.:sob:

Glass Bloodfin

I need to relax. I'm suffering from anxiety after seeing those pictures of my babies.:shake: Now where do I fit in?:sarcastic: Losing them is a pain.

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lioness501 said:
mvirata said:
WOW how big does he get and what do you keep him in the tank with. I WANT ONE :BIGweepy:
i dont actually have a whiptail cat, but id love 1 they r amazing. i dont know alot about them but i last saw 1 in my lfs and he was a bit expensive!!!
they grow to about 30cm. beautiful fish.

zoidburg ( albino C.Aenus )

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