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FW Gobies and a few friends I used to keep

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Stiphodon sp blue neon

Coral red pencilfish

Chocolate Gouramis



clown killies

P. Gertrudae
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Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful collection!
Actually seems possible mine are the same type gobies. They(especially the one i suspect male) seem to change color a good deal and have yet to get a good picture of the fins. If not the same then closely related.
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Oh my you surely are a MTS sufferers. Lol.
So it seems mine look closer to your Stiphodon sp. Blue neon. I dont think ive ever kept a more debated species. Its kind of amazing how hard they are to tell apart.
I have threadfins right now too. I love how the boys flash their fins trying to entice girls into the water sprite.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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