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I just thought I would let everyone know that I did fumagated my house even thought everyone said don't do it. I thought I would tell everyone what I did so If they have to get there homes done also.

1 removed all lighting

2 fed an airline hose from out side through a window and attached an air pump

3 used that new cling rap that seals when you press it to an object. covered the main tank top and the sump with it.

4 got some towels wet layed them over the cling rap on the main tank and sump.

5 bought a .2 mill plastic from cover in the paint department in Home depot. Sealed it with duck tape to the wall and the floors.

6 my small powerhead that is very low in the tank I left on. All other pumps I shut off.

7. turned on the air pump outside before to make sure it worked. I ran an extention cord away from the house so not to put the toxic air onto the air pump.

It has been two days now everything looks great!!!

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