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Hello all.

I currently have one male GBR who is very aggressive. He pretty much destroyed my sorority and killed off his mate. If you want to take him, just pay shipping, $10 for Priority with possible heat pack if needed.

He was in a tank with disease, what looked to have been Columnaris so please, please, please consider this carefully! QT him for a while before adding him to any tanks. He and his brother never showed signs of the disease and I think it was something more geared for Betta's since none of the other fish showed/showing signs.
So consider that fair warning!

He will kill off any fish that is smaller than he, he's roughly 2 inches at the moment excluding tail. He's good with snails though, never tried inverts but I would not assume he'd be good with them. I predict he would be fine in a shoal of females, preferably 1:2 M:F if you wanted a trio or of six but he's very territorial and I just need him out of my tank.

Most recent picture of him from Thursday.
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