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Shipping is separate. Heat packs are $3 each. This coming week is supposed to be above 60 degrees so I won't be using a heat pack until it's below 60 degrees.

Yellow shrimp: $2 per juvenile, $2.50 per adult. 10 Juvies would be $20, 15 Juvies are $30, 20 Juvies are $40, etc.

Also willing to trade ADULT Yellows for ADULT Painted Fire Reds of the same number.

Plants -

Bacopa Caroliniana: $2.50 per six inch stalk. Jungle Vals also available at $2 each.

Hygrophila Corymbosas: $3 each. You'll be getting small portions as seen in the photo.

Hornwort: $1.50 each six inch stalk.

Najas Guadelupensis, also known as Guppy Grass: $3 per tennis ball size. Shrimp and fish fry LOVE this plant.

Dwarf Chain Swords: $1 each.

Duckweed: Free with purchase.
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