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Congratulations on the new arrivals!!!
One of the coolest (and often most frustrating!) things about keeping livebearers is the continual appearance of babies! You're right in that you really can't keep them for the health of the tank. You can call around to local fish shops and such, but in my experience, most won't take babies until they're beyond the 'breakfast' stage - meaning you'd have to keep them and raise them until they're old enough to be sold to a new home. Honestly, in my livebearer tank, I just let nature take its course. Every once in a while one will survive to adulthood, but for the most part. . . they don't make it.

If you aren't feeding them, specifically, they won't have much impact on the bioload of your tank until they're big enough to be given away. So, I say enjoy them while you've got them, and start looking for places to take them off your hands if they do make it - and ask how big they have to be. If they survive that long, you'll want to keep a very close eye on your parameters, and may have to do an extra water change every week to keep things clean in there. . .

Definitely something to think about - with female live-bearers in the mix, this is likely to be a constant problem for you! But OH! MY! GOODNESS!!! Baby fishies are SOOOO CUTE!!! <3

Keep us posted, and good luck!

ETA: BDM got here while I was typing, lol! Too big to be eaten is *usually* classified as too big to fit into the mouth of any other fish in the tank. I've found that most places around here - if they will accept livebearer fry, won't do so until they're closer to 3/4 or 1"
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