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Paypal or Cash only.
Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

75 gallon All-Glass Aquarium, stand, hood and light (oak). Pickup only. Pictures:

Also selling a list of aquarium accessories, food, water test kits, conditioners, etc. Would be willing to ship these smaller items for an extra fee.

List of accessories:

Item, Quantity, Condition (if applicable)
Tetra Ultra activated Carbon packets 12
Marineland Rite Size Bonded Filter Pad 312 square inches Partially used
Fresh water test kit in plastic case
Marineland Penguin 170 bio wheel filter fits at least 25 gallon maybe 50
Marineland Aqua Reminder new
Tetra bio wheel filter fits at least 10 gallon
Fluval foam 2 pack 404/405
Fry house
Marineland Premium Carbon-Ammonia 1.87L
Python cleaning vacuum and scrubbing mit 25' with directions
Manual cleaning vacuum small
Filter material
Penn Plax Undergravel filter fits 75gallon
Small undergravel filter fits 5 gallon
Aquarium long handle grabbers
Aquarium long handle glass scrubber
Fluval Surface Skimmer Brand new in package
Pura Filtration Pad half used
Penn-Plax Standard Airline Tubing 25 ft
Nirtra-Zorb used once- can be recharged
Penn Plax 3-way gang valve
4-way gang valve
Penn Plax XP440 Twin air pump
AQT 3001 air pump (small)
Rena Air 300 pump
Air stones 11
Large air stone
The Bag 1
Large media bags 2
2 mini aquarium filters and about 12 carbon filters
Aqua-Pure filter media bag 2 3x8"
Plastic plant that hooks up to air pump new
Small aquarium heater ~25 gallons
Large aquarium heater 75 gallon
Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer 1

Medications/Conditioners, etc.
Melafix 4oz
Seachem Flourish 169 oz
Mardel CopperSafe 4oz half used
Seachem Neutral Regulator 8.8 oz about 1 oz used
75 gallon All-Glass 3 years old w/stand, hood and lighting (oak)
Seachem Purigen 5.3oz half used
Seachem Discus Buffer 8.8oz
Aquaplus Tap water conditioner 4oz mostly used
Ick cure 4oz mostly full
Ick cure 3/4 oz full
AquaStick Epoxy Putty (grey) 3/4 full tube
Lead plant anchors new pack
Anti bacteria fish food 1oz mostly full
Clear Particulate Water Clarifier 4oz mostly full
African Rift Lake Cichlid Salt 1/2lb 3/4 full

7 day beta blocks 4 left
Sanfrancisco Bay Freeze Dried Bloodworms 1.75oz - NEW
Sanfrancisco Bay Freeze Dried Plankton 2oz
Sanfrancisco Bay Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms 4oz NEW+ 1 partial
Sanfrancisco Bay Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Flakes 6.87oz half full
Sanfrancisco Bay Shrimpery (Brine Shrimp Kit)
Hikari Daphnia .42oz mostly full
Hikari Discus bio-gold 1.41oz
Tetramin Variety Wafers 2.4 oz mostly full
Sample Sizes of water cleaner and food
Marina aquarium rocks - maroon (glossy) 1lb
couple of aquarium decorations
Set of 3 filter cleaning brushes some new
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