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I'm getting back into the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. I chose this Spec 15 gallon tank to get started again, but I have not been impressed with the built-in light, I was looking for more intensity and better coverage. What I've done here, shown in the pics, is admittedly a hack job, but I decided to add another LED strip.

I chose the Hygger HG005-8W 11.8" 8 watt light made for aquariums. I ditched the much-maligned suction cups and went with some cable ties. These ties use 3M mounting tape (assuming it's not a knock-off) and while I don't have any specs on them being suitable for damp environments, I don't think they are going anywhere. I have them secured on both ends and in the middle (the yellow ties are essentially the back-up, safety factor). I'll check them out for any signs of issues. But, should these take a dunk in the tank, the built-in Fluval light has a potted wire connection, and appears to be a very watertight design. The Hygger claims to be IP68 and submersible. I'm not terribly worried an electrical tragedy here, but I am taking precautions and will keep an eye on things.
As you can see, I moved the Fluval light bar back, and tilted it towards the front of the tank. The Hygger got a mirror-image treatment; tilted towards the back of the tank. I am fairly pleased with the results. For a sub $20 project, at least.

The Fluval light is fully adjustable and from bright mid-day sun to moonlight. I am controlling it via IR with a smart IR blaster. The Hygger is also adjustable but only via an inline module on the power cord. At this time I am experimenting with it just 6500K white light, on high, and I have it on a smart plug, set to come on for mid-day lighting.
I'm not a lighting or electronics engineer, I don't have a lux meter, etcetera, but this does get me the intensity and better coverage I was hoping for, and the price was right.

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