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Hey, TFK! :wave:

Most of you have seen me around the forum but some of you newer members may not have. I have been testing and planning this little endeavor for the last few months now, getting it perfect for you and ensuring the best value possible! May I present - Flint's Designer Snails!

Through extensive research and testing, I have found the perfect way to bring you Designer Snails. The paint is non-toxic, safe for your snail and your aquarium! This isn't liked those painted hermit crabs, dyed and tattooed fish. The process used for Flint's Designer Snails is completely safe to the animal and pain-free. The animal is not harmed in any way with it's fancy new paint job!

These snails come in a variety of designs, including but not limited to the following -

+ Zebra/Tiger
+ Leopard
+ Polka Dots
+ Flowers
+ Crowns (princess and king)
+ Flames
+ Skull*
*with the following options available
-eye patch
-any combination of the three
Want a design you don't see? Feel free to ask about our custom snails! We can even do initials on most of our regular snail patterns! (Ex. Pink with white polka dots and black letter "S" for Susie!) If you want a different pattern than is listed above, we will be happy to work with you and help make a design that is possible!

Want a different kind of snail? Flint's Designer Snails can do other types of snails as well, although we specialize in mystery snails. We can do nerite snails and trapdoor snails for your ponds. Know another large-breed snail that you want painted? Ask and we will get back to you right away! Prices for other snails are determined with the order.

Don't have an aquarium yet? No problem! I have personally designed a kit just for you! Flint's Starter Kit will include a your custom or designer snail, plastic aquarium and lid, your choice of gravel or sand, a plant clipping, a small aquarium ornament and a hand-written care guide for your new aquatic friend! Everything you need to get started except water conditioner and food!

Want your snail to come everywhere with you but just don't know how? Flint's Designer Snails offers customized key chains of images depicting your snail(s)! They are made by hand to order just like your aquatic friends and can accompany you wherever you go!

Snails that are purchased individually will come with your custom or designer snail, a plant clipping and a hand-written care guide for your new aquatic friend!

Prices are as follows -
+ Key chains $5
+ Individual Designer Snails $8
+ Individual Custom Snails $10
+ Flint's Starter Kit $25

Shipping is as follows -
+ Keychains $8
+ Individual Designer Snails $10
+ Individual Custom Snails $10
+ Flint's Starter Kit $15
To place an order with us, send me a private message titled Flint's Designer Snails and please fill out this form -

Item(s) -
Hold for pick-up? -
Address -
Comments -

I will respond to you with your total and our Paypal information. We only accept Paypal at this time. Here is an example of a properly filled-out order form -

Items(s) - 1 Pink Zebra Designer Snail, 1 Flame Designer Snail, 2 Keychains (1 of each snail)
Hold for pick-up? - No
Address -
123 Park Blvd
Madeupplace, WY 12332
Comments - None

Please note that these snails are hand-made to order and it could take up to two weeks to ship out your order. Your patience is appreciated.

Questions? Private Message me (Flint) and I'll get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will my snail live?
Mystery snails live around a year to a year and a half if kept in the proper conditions! You friend will be around for quite some time.

What does my snail eat?
You snail will eat excess fish food in your tank, cucumber, zucchini, squash and algae wafers.

How do I keep my snail healthy?
Provide your snail with clean water, calcium supplementation (cuttelbone pieces) as well as a nice, varied diet and your snail will be happy and healthy during its life with you!

What do I need?
Food, cuttlebone, water conditioner, a tank, a heater or a room-temp or warmer place to put your aquarium and a snail! If you have an aquarium with a filter, it's best you read up on the nitrogen cycle before purchasing your snail.

Is the design on my snail permanent?
No, your snail's design will chip as time goes on but you will enjoy his or her design for quite some time. The chipped paint will not harm your snail or other fish in the tank but it is recommended you take it out if you see it.

Also, visit our facebook page with your parent's permission!

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