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fishless cycle

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Hi, I've been attempting to cycle a tank without fish for about a week now. I added gravel from my other established tank as a "seed" then dosed it to 5 ppm ammonia. I should add that my tank is only 10G. I'm thinking that this was too much ammonia, as it began to come down but I put it back up to 5 ppm again and it hasn't really come down very much. So will it eventually come down by itself if I leave it alone, or do I need to drain the water and start all over? Thanks
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Kevil, may I ask if you have detected nitrites? If so, cut back your ammonia to 2-3 ppm prior to dosing. Dosing back to 5 ppm will only slow down the growth and establishment of bacterial colonies.
yes blue I did detect nitrites...I don't remember exactly but I think I did dose it back up to 5 ppm after I detected them, oops. That was about 2 days ago, I haven't added anything since. Will the bacteria still form, or do I need to start over?
If you detect nitrites, don't add ammonia to 5 ppm. This can slow down the bacteria's growth thus making you start over again.:blink:
Just do water changes and make sure ammonia is 2 ppm to ensure your cycling process won't be hindered.
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