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Firstly if this is not right sub-forum I apologize, Blue please move if necessary.

I have 2 SAEs and 1 CAE (long story, but it came from my son's little tank which was stocked listening to places like Petco). I have been told and have read that the CAE has to go, in fact he is already starting to show aggression towards my gouramis and remaining danios. I was also told that as the SAEs get older they will also stop eating Algae (bought them to clean of the black brush algae I was getting on my plants at the time) and possibly become less friendly to the other tank mates.

First question is what I was told about the SAEs true? If so I am thinking of replacing them either Otos or a BN Plec. Would that be acceptable? To be honest I am not even sure that I need an Algae eater, I have some green algae on my gravel, and it's really only in one spot. I do have Ghost Shrimp but from what I know about them they really only clean up the deitrus and not the algae.

Here are the fish I have in my 29G tank moderately planted tank, with 65W CF 6700K lighting.

6 Danios
4 Praecox Rainbows
2 Honey Dwarf Gouramis
10 or so Ghost Shrimp (I have only seen 6 at one time)
2 SAEs

My water parms:
0 Ammonia and Nitrites
0-5 Nitrates
ph 7.2
temp 79 F

The CAE is going to go regardless, and so will the SAEs if need (be my LFS will take them).
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