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Hi, I've set up a 46 bowfront tank with Marine Land 220 Canister Filter. Wanting some recommendations on stocking the thank with community fish. Right now I've got 7 zebra danios and want to know what to go with them for a variety of fish.
If the tank has been running for less than six week's with fish,I would not be in too big a hurry to stock with more fish.(see cycling a new aquarium).
Maybe call local water treament plant, or go to their website and get info on what type of water you have from the tap (ie ) hard water,soft water,moderately hard.
This info will help those who can reccomend fishes that will thrive in your water.
Can also check out the fish Profiles here for info on fishes that interest you.
Lot's of info on preferred water condition's,temp,compatibility,tank size,etc.
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