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Is the fish profile search engine gone, or am I just missing it?

It was one of the site's best features.
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Hey Canadian,

The old Fish profiles as you know them are no more : (
For reason unknown to me they are having to redo them and they now under the tab Reference Materials. Here is the link Freshwater Fish Profiles
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Thanks Bored. Lame. I can't find anything in there. And I don't know scientific names. Guess I'll just have to google it and see where that takes me. Tsk tsk.
Good to see you around again, darlin'!

Bored is right, the profiles are under construction right now. They're being pulled into TFK to make them more easily accessible, and hopefully more accurate and easier to search, too - but it takes a lot of work and time, unfortunately. . . sorry you had trouble finding what you wanted :(

Now I wanna know what you're searching for! If we don't have a profile for it, let us know - we'll add it to our to-do list!
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Thanks for the info. I was looking into getting a red bellied piranha. I don't know anything about them. I'm not positive I'm going to get one but I might so I thought I'd research 'em.

Went to the LFS this morning and they had small ones and three HUGE ones that a staff member brought from home to sell. I plan on starting with a small one.
heehee, I have to swing over to your journal thread when I get a moment and see what's been going on in your underwater world - I'm sure I've missed TONS of fun! You always get the neatest fish! ^.^

Are you looking for Pygocentrus nattereri? I'll put it on the to-do list, and if you decide to get them, maybe you can help write us up a profile - and get some good pics to put in, too!
Yep, that's the one.

No good news on my tanks. My full size striped catfish seems to be eating my Rainbowfish, though I have not been able to catch him in the act. He's going into the 220.

In the 220, the banded leporinus ate all my beautiful plants, then started on the black skirt tetras.
Also, I have a parrot cichlid, and I got a second, larger parrot, which promptly laid eggs. The next morning, the smaller cichlid has his beak eaten off. I assume the larger one was the culprit, as noone bothered the smaller parrot before.

So we're pretty stressed here as far as fish go. Up until a couple of months ago we had never had an issue with fish attacking other fish.
. . . I seriously have to go catch up on your thread! ^.^
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