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Hi all, I'm currently expecting my first child and have been thinking about how it will impact my hobby. I know the first few months with a newborn will be a sleep deprived haze but I don't really want to give up on fish keeping. I currently have 2 x 38 litre tanks, a 68 litre tank and a small patio pond (I think around 70 litres), not a lot but enough to fill an hour or two with water changes, glass cleaning and general maintenance every weekend.

How does everyone else manage their fish keeping whilst caring for babies?

I'm thinking of tearing down one tank until I feel I'll have the time to set it up again. I can either 1) tear down the 68 and keep my two 38s (home to one betta each), or 2) tear down the 38s and divide the 68 in two for the betta, or 3) get rid of everything 😞. The only issue with option 2 is that I currently have a male and female betta and I've heard it's not great to keep them in the same divided tank.

The fish in the 68 (white cloud minnows) will go into my patio pond.

I'm hoping I won't be too tired to keep the tanks running but experience with my siblings children tells me my hobby will get bumped down the list of my priorities for at least a couple of years! I'll also likely have to return to work at least part time after a year to help pay off our mortgage, leaving me even less time to look after tanks. Any advice?
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