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Hello I a need help.

I have synodontis petricola / cuckoo catfish that is very young. It is about 2-3cm. I have had the fish for several months and this evening (30 minutes ago) I found it floating upside down at the surface of the tank. It struggled to swim down. From what I understand this is swim bladder, but he does not look like he is bloated. I have was concerned that he was not growing (he has not grown in over 6 months since I got him) and increased his food as a result over the passed 3 days. I am guessing I did this to him if it is swim bladder.

This morning he seemed to behave unusual. I found him sleeping/resting on one of my plants leaves at the bottom of the tank. He not only never ventures this far out, but also never sits and rests like that normally very active in the under growth at the back of the tank.

I have followed some advice online advising me to turn up the temp on my tank and to add some aquarium salt. Should I go and get some medication tomorrow and treat the tank?

I have put a plastic cup with holes in next to the overflow (it is a very gentle flow) and filled the top of the cup with some frog bit so he stays under the water instead being directly in the atmosphere.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I know there is a lot of information, but I found nothing specific to my fishes species and thought it would be best to check.

Thank you.
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