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fish eggs???

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hi we have had our tropical aquarium 3 months now we have 7 platys (5 babies not actually planned to breed) 7 neons, 2 catfish and 2 shrimp. yesterday we discovered what we think are eggs on our filter i just wanted to ask people that know more then we do :)


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Hmmm... It's not a very clear picture... hard to guess! Platy are live-bearers (no eggs), Tetra are egg-scatterers (no sticky eggs), shrimp carry their eggs around with them, so they're all out! Catfish could be a contender, though! What type of catfish do you have, Cories? Also. . .do you have any plants or snails in the tank?
Cant really see anything in the photo other than a crescent shaped object. My guess would be snail eggs. It doesnt look like cory eggs.
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yeah sorry best picture i could get not got a great camera, yes we have got plants and snails and the catfish are cories. thanks for replys
If you have pond snails then that's what I'm going to go with, too - the eggs will be like jelly . . . and you'll be seeing loads more where they came from!
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